Qui est Ondine?

Ondine is part Elizabeth Bennett and part Coco Chanel. She is intelligent, sharp witted and above all, kind. She is both graceful and playful with a desire to surround herself with beauty. With a meticulous eye for detail, she expects what she puts out in the world: unparalleled excellence. 

Ondine knows what she wants and how to get it. With an inability to settle, she isn't afraid to rock the boat because she owns the boat. She believes in understated elegance and refined luxury but isn't one to pass up a little sparkle. Dear Ondine enjoys making others feel loved, sharing a good laugh and continuing to set the world afire. She hopes you enjoy this glimpse into her world.   

Meet Valarie:

Much to the chagrin of her mother and optometrist, Valarie would read book after book by nightlight as a child and it was there her love of letters began. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography she became well versed in the art of writing third person artist statements.

A member of IAMPETH and a card-carrying calligraphy nerd, I..uh, I mean she finds her bliss sharing the love of pointed pen with others. She is on a mission to instill the world with more beauty, more joy and more laughter than before she was catapulted into existence in 1987. 

When not covering every available surface in calligraphy, she enjoys witty repartee, sports sadly involving too much spandex and terrible rom-coms. Valarie and her hot-mess-of-a-rescue-dog, Ellie Mae Noodle, are on their way to their new home in Nantucket, Massachusetts from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Goodbye grits and biscuits, hello...lobsters?